Monday, January 28, 2008

On the Glowy Box: If I hate Mondays and love lasagna, does that make me Garfield?

Thanks to the WGA's interim deal with Lionsgate, writers from Mad Men and Weeds will be able to go back to work! Huzzah!

Over the Weekend:
Psych: This had to be one of my favorite Psych episodes yet. From the awesome Spanish-language theme song (another gold star for special opening credits, Psych!) to Shawn as an eyeliner-wearing telenovela star, the entire hour had me laughing out loud. It was also great to see Lassiter and O'Hara actively working with (or against, I suppose) Shawn and Gus, which they haven't been doing as much of this season. I wasn't so sure about the O'Hara/harassment complaint plot, though. Hopefully it's leading to something interesting, and wasn't just something random they threw in there. Because, um, weird.

Boston Legal: From Tuesday. You know, when I saw that the episode was titled "Roe v. Wade: The Musical," I wasn't sure what to expect, A serious argument on forced abortions set to the occasional song from Xanadu was too surreal for words. And also kind of coincidental, since I watched Xanadu the movie on Saturday after having seen the musical last month. (And yikes. That movie really, REALLY sucks. Wow.) At any rate, compliments to David E. Kelley for taking the series to ever-crazier heights.

Ummmm...there's the State of the Union at 9, if you're in the mood to yell at your TV or drink heavily.