Friday, January 04, 2008

On the Glowy Box: New episodes!

You know what? Things are looking up. It's Friday, I'm feeling better, and there are a couple of new episodes to look forward to this weekend! Huzzah!

Last Night:
How to Look Good Naked: It premieres tonight, but I watched a screener of the first episode last night, and was pleasantly surprised. Carson Kressley is much more sensitive than I expected, and the show is much less mean-spirited than most makeover shows (probably because it's not a true makeover show). It actually seemed to be about making the subject, a woman with poor body image, feel good about the body she has--with or without flattering clothes and makeup. Not my kind of show, so probably not something I'd watch regularly, but props to it, all the same.

This Weekend:
Women's Murder Club: Someone threatens Lindsay's life; the women investigate the decapitation of a wine broker. Tonight, 9 PM, ABC.

How to Look Good Naked: A 32-year-old serial dieter is unhappy with her weight. Tonight, 9 PM, Lifetime.

Presidential Debate: In Manchester, N.H., Republican and Democratic hopefuls discuss issues. Saturday, 7 PM, ABC.

Desperate Housewives: The tornado destroys Mrs. McCluskey's house, and Lynette faces the possibility that her family may not have survived; Katherine discovers that someone knows about her mysterious past. Sunday, 9 PM, ABC.

Cashmere Mafia: Mia and Jack must compete for a job as group publisher for a media group; Caitlin has a new love interest in the office; Juliet decides on payback for her husband's indiscretions. Sunday, 10 PM, ABC.

Woooo, new episodes and midseason scripted shows!