Friday, January 18, 2008


As I'm sure you've heard, the DGA and AMPTP have come to an agreement, which the WGA is looking over. United Hollywood has an unofficial, but very helpful, analysis of said agreement, and what it could mean for writers. I highly recommend heading over there and giving it a read. They conclude:

There are some genuine gains here, some issues that need clarification and some points of grave concern that threaten to drastically undercut writers' compensation. The DGA deal, as we understand it, is neither reason for celebration nor mourning. Writers (and actors!) must resist the urge to get entrenched in a position on this too quickly. Parts of this deal will be the basis for a meaningful resumption of talks with the WGA, parts of this will not. Let's discuss it, let's debate it, but let's keep it civil and understand that the deal that gets everyone back to work will be the one that no one loves, but everyone can live with.

If you're tempted to yell at the writers for not just accepting this deal outright, remember that writers are compensated far less than directors, and are more likely to have to live off of residuals at some point in their career. Thus, the stakes are much higher. Plus, you know, the directors are the ones who managed to negotiate the crap home video residuals formula that everyone's still being screwed by two decades later. So here's hoping that this deal serves as a catalyst for resumed negotiations and that the writers and producers are able to come to their own deal quickly.