Monday, January 07, 2008

On the Glowy Box: If it were dancing gladiators, I might watch...

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine was spent enjoying the unseasonably warm weather (yaaaay, global warming!) and beginning the mighty task of getting caught up on Dexter.

Over the Weekend:
Women's Murder Club: Does anybody else out there watch this show? Because seriously, it's pretty solid "wiped out on the couch" Friday night fare. And I do appreciate the large number of female leads who aren't obsessed with landing men, or being housewives, or what have you. Anyway, I'm really hoping they don't hook Lindsay up with the FBI guy. Because that would be way too cliché. But, probably less cliché than Lindsay sleeping with her ex-husband, so maybe it would actually be a step in the right direction. Sigh. Shut up- sometimes I need to watch mindless girl power crime dramas on Friday nights.

Desperate Housewives: Dear AMPTP- I demand that you negotiate a fair deal immediately, so that I can learn the contents of Aunt Lily's note. Love, Liz (Read my full recap here.)

We've got a lot of replacement reality shows tonight (plus No Reservations), along with a couple new episodes of scripted shows I don't watch (and some sports--go LSU!). Thus...more Dexter for me! Or, you know, something that involves leaving the safe confines of my apartment. We'll see.