Thursday, January 17, 2008

On the Glowy Box: Is it Friday yet?

It feels like it should be Friday. And if it were Friday, then there would be a new episode of Psych tonight! (Also, I wouldn't have to go to work tomorrow.) But, alas, it's Thursday. And not the good, 30 Rock kind, either. Sigh. At least I have last night's Project Runway waiting for me at home. (Yeah, didn't get to watch any TV last night. Sorry. I know it's hard to believe.) In awesomer news: Yaaaay, X-Files movie! I seriously can't wait.

Ugly Betty: Betty's new perfume has some unexpected effects; Claire takes the stand in Fey's murder case; Wilhelmina takes action to become a member of the Meade clan. 8 PM, ABC.

Um...yeah. Light night.


Bruce said...

It does feel like Friday. Rats. I need my Psych fix. Last weeks was very funny. More Gus= more fun. I agree. Sorry, cannot report on Cashmere yet. Have all 3 DVRed but my wife wants to watch them too so haven't seen them yet.

Liz said...

Yeah, Gus is all kinds of awesome. Maybe it's just the "Psych Outs," but that set seems like mad fun--the actors seem like they're enjoying themselves so much!

I think I'm just gonna end up dumping Cashmere...haven't heard a solidly good recommendation from anyone.