Thursday, January 31, 2008

On the Glowy Box: Not a hell of a lot...

As I said earlier, real life and Adopt A Writer have taken over my blogging (and, worse, TV-watching) time, so...not a lot going on over here. Sorry. I borrowed the Wonderfalls DVDs from a co-worker, so I'm hoping to make my way through those in the near future (and finally watch the second season of Weeds, of course). So much TV, so little time...even during the strike!

Eli Stone: Eli Stone, a successful corporate lawyer, begins experiencing visions that compel him to redefine his life and work, despite opposition from his family, friends and colleagues. 10 PM, ABC.

And yeah, I know that everyone else in the world is writing about Lost. Um...not me. I've purposely never seen it, since I don't have the time to get sucked in. Please don't yell at me. Some day, when I'm in an old folk's home, I'll rent all the holo-DVDs, strap on my virtual reality visor, and get all caught up.