Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On the Glowy Box: Project Runway reruns make me sad

Don't get excited for any new episodes of Pushing Daisies this season, even if the strike ends this week. Nuts.

Last Night:
House: New episodes of good scripted shows renew my soul...although it was a bit odd that Fox saved the Christmas episode until after the holidays. I mean, there was a Secret Santa "exchange" and everything! And I have to say, I'm getting more and more irritated with the token Chase/Cameron appearances in each episode. They need to either figure out what to do with those two, or cut them out of the show altogether. Hopefully they have some end game in mind. But can I get a "hells yeah!" for Janel Moloney? Oh, Donna, how I've missed you. Hopefully we'll get plenty of Cuddy in the Super Bowl episode, and I can be even happier. (Things that don't make me happy, and in fact make me nauseous: Bleeding eyes-why is it always the eyes?-and breast milk produced by a boil on someone's leg, and then being squirted into a poor girl's mouth. Good thing she was already going to need therapy after knowing her mom's favorite sexual positions.)

Masterpiece - Mansfield Park: From Sunday. Well, since this is my least favorite of Jane Austen's novels, it makes sense that it's been my least favorite Masterpiece adaptation so far. It's hard to spin gold out of straw, and if you ask me, Fanny Price is definitely straw. As for the production itself, I don't have any major qualms other than the fact that it seemed a bit Disney-fied--especially the scene when Edmund realizes he's in love with Fanny. I mean, Jesus, why don't you just have a light bulb come on over his head and bathe her in celestial light? Sigh...

Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency: Considering they were in Vegas, I suppose there was actually less drama than one might have expected last night. Read my full recap here.

Hollywood Residential: The crew is at Tom Arnold's house to fix up his backyard, but Tom is nowhere to be found. Tony fesses up that he was out partying with Tom the night before and hasn't seen him since. While Tony tries to save the day, Lila is presented with plans to make her a huge star. 10:30 PM, Starz.

While you're all suffering through American Idol, I'll be continuing my quest to get caught up on Weeds.


Annie said...

Sing it, sister: can we just fire Chase & Cameron already? They're broken up in real life, they can't act their way out of wet paper bags, I personally prefer Kal Penn and the #13 chick anyway...sheesh. And yeah, welcome back to the tube, Donna.

Jessica Rae said...

I too was baffled by the placing of a Christmas episode now. Odd.

The eyes and the boil aren't the grossest we've seen on House, but were still fully squirm-worthy.

The grossest imho? Worms anyone? (No thanks...I'm full.)


Liz said...

Yeah, Annie, Chase and Cameron absolutely need to go if they aren't going to do anything with the characters. Especially since, as you say, they aren't exactly going to win the show Emmy's any time soon.

Jessica Rae- I kind of have an eye thing. Not a big fan of needles, pencils, blood, or anything in the eye. All of which I've now seen on TV this season. UGH. And the boil itself didn't bother me nearly as much as its milk being fed to that girl did. Ewwww... But yeah, worms? Also very nasty.