Friday, January 11, 2008

Dexter: HOW have I not been watching this?!

My instincts told me. The TV Addict told me. Showtime set up a giant, blood-filled fountain on my way to work, for godsakes! I was even tantalized when they aired a free preview for non-subscribers. And yet, despite all the above sources telling me I'd love Dexter, I still never made the effort to get caught up. So this is me, conceding to the above sources that yes, I love Dexter. Of course. Because it's awesome.

Let's go down the list, shall we? Thrilling drama? Check. Outstanding acting by Michael C. Hall? Check. Real, sympathetic characters, despite the show's unusual premise? Check. Twisted sense of humor? Check. Engrossing storylines, to the point where you can't get up to make dinner because you have to see what happens next? Check. Plus, I majored in forensic psychology in college! Basically, there was no way I wasn't going to love Dexter. [Spoilers below, so if you haven't seen the first season of Dexter, stop reading and start watching!]

Now that we've established I love Dexter, let's talk. I just finished the first season the other night, and OH. MY. GOD. The finale was completely perfect, in that I didn't overtly see that ending coming, but realized afterward that it was inevitable, and the only real way to end the season. It just felt so...right to have Dexter's similarly sociopathic brother try and make him kill his adopted sister, thus setting him up for his own demise at Dexter's hands thanks to Harry's Code.

You know, "right" in a sick, twisted, serial killer way. Do I sound crazy? It's probably from watching too much Dexter. (Seriously, too much of that show in one sitting does make me feel kind of crazy.) I am SO amped up for the second season! Which I should have waiting for me at home, thanks to On Demand.

Ah, man. You really don't appreciate good TV until you've had to live with way, way less of it for a while. Maybe, by failing to watch Dexter as early as I should have, I was just subconsciously saving it for a time of need. If so, mission accomplished. Dexter was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered this week.