Friday, January 25, 2008

Project Runway: Sigh...

I'm going to start this post off with a quote from Glowy Box alumna Lori: "What is it about making dresses out of denim that makes designers start bawling in front of the judges? Not that it takes a lot to set Ricky off, but still. That guy makes Andrae look like Nina." I couldn't have put it better myself, dude. Denim is clearly a very emotional fabric. Who knew?

I've got totally mixed feelings on the results. On the one hand, Ricky and his stupid black and white hats need to go. Like, NOW. On the other hand, his dress this week was less of a train wreck than usual. Good enough to win? No--the judges have clearly set a much higher bar for the other contestants than for Ricky. But, they couldn't very well kick him out when they had Victorya's hideous denim mash-up staring them in the face. (And boy, I am ALL for Victorya being kicked off. Hate her, hate her dresses. Note to Victorya: Fabric has a front side and a back side for a reason. Stop turning it inside-out. Also, ruffles are a delicious snack, but not really my style, otherwise.)

Okay, at this point this is more of a rant than a recap. Let's just move on to the other looks, be grateful that Victorya lost instead of someone I actually liked, and continue to wonder what will make Michael Kors feel like the Pope at a sex club (and what that expression even means).

Jillian. Okay. Why on EARTH would she AND Victorya decide to try and replicate their outstanding look from last week, but with far less time and far more limited materials? Craziness, from beginning to end. And while Victorya used the "I'll just staple some inside-out denim to the bottom of a jean jacket and call it a coat" strategy, Jillian went with the "I'll take a ton of ideas that I don't have time to implement, throw them all against the wall that is this coat, and see what sticks" route. Yeesh. And Chris, oy. I know his stuff used to be way too costume-y, but is he trying to edit himself right out of the show? I liked the lines, but a) ALWAYS LISTEN TO TIM, and b) that dress was way boring.

On the better end, we've got Sweet P, who listened to Tim with great results. I don't know about an iconic look, but it was definitely a cute dress. Go, Sweet P! Rami's look was also super-cute, and seemed very fashion-forward. However, I don't understand why everyone was so orgasmic over the zipper/seam element. I mean, it looked great, but it's not like it was some kind of brilliant innovation on Rami's part--Jeffrey did the same thing to great effect in his winning collection last season.

Christian, in my opinion, should have been the winner. His biker-style outfit was head and shoulders over Ricky's in terms of difficulty, innovation, and stylishness, and it was way more iconic than a simple little dress. But on the other hand, Christian was pretty annoying this week when he was fighting with Chris about how to properly clean denim, so I'm a little less outraged than I normally would be. Sorry.

Well, at least the winning designers don't get immunity anymore. ...Silver lining?