Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On the Glowy Box: Cross your fingers for productive negotiating!

As informal talks resumed yesterday between the WGA and AMPTP, the writers agreed to drop proposals to unionize animated and reality TV writers. Here's hoping that AMPTP is half as reasonable. If we aren't going to get a real TV season this year, I'm at least banking on a solid pilot season and thus a decent season this fall, goddammit.

Last Night:
Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency: Janice would rather go naked than wear fur. And I would rather she do neither. Read my full recap here.

Project Runway: The designers are challenged to take jeans and jackets in various colors and textures, creating an original denim design. 10 PM, Bravo.

Head Case: Dr. Goode avoids the apologetic advances of her ex, Jeremy. In session, Ione Skye and new patient Jeff Goldblum find the doctor in a "fix it fast" mode. Dr. Finkelstein misses the staff meeting...again. 10 PM, Starz.

Smash Lab: The team tests if a special type of carbon fiber is strong enough to protect a home from a hurricane's destructive forces. 10 PM, Discovery.

Hollywood Residential: Series Premiere. "Hollywood Residential" goes to Paula Abdul's house, where the show's host Tony King wreaks havoc with the production & has issues with hot new co-host Lila Mann. Paula & her house have issues with Tony. 10:30 PM, Starz.

If any of you end up watching The Moment of Truth, I don't want to hear about it. Ugh.