Wednesday, September 13, 2006

24: Grandpa Bauer!

Ever wonder where exactly a guy like Jack Bauer, the thumb-severing, embassy-invading, one-man anti-terrorist unit, came from? Well, you'll find out next season. Reports are that James Cromwell is joining the 24 cast as Jack's dad. But what remains to be seen is the sort of Bauer he'll be. Is he witless cougar-bait, like his granddaughter Kim, or will he go out into the field and torture people at his son's side? Or, as is more likely, knowing Jack, will his son torture him?

One thing we know for sure: there will be torture.


Colleen said...

Dude james cromwell can be fucking hard core.

Liz said...

Yeah...a hardcore animal rights activist! (Seriously...he's been working with Farm Sanctuary since "Babe")

Lori said...

Now I'm imagining James Cromwell and Kiefer raiding a farm. "Nobody move! Throw down your piglets!"

Colleen said...

...and then he says in a hardcore, through-gritted-teeth manner,

"That'll do, punk. That'll do..."