Friday, September 22, 2006

Shark: Because L.A. has prosecutors, too

If you've heard about Shark, the show about a defense attorney who switches to prosecution, you've probably heard about how it's like House, only with lawyers. Sure, Sebastian Stark is arrogant and snarky, even with his female boss. And he has his little proteges, like House's Cottages (except, I guess, these would be Minnows). And, of course, he's great at what he does, and even has the House-like moment of epiphany as he discovers the clue that will break the case wide open. But House isn't the only show Shark resembles; there's also quite a bit of Justice in there too, only from the other side. As on Justice, we see the lawyers preparing the case and figuring out what they can use to their advantage to win the case. Both shows are set in L.A., so I'm holding out hope for a future courtroom death match between Stark and Ron Trott. Two sleazy, self-centered lawyers go in! One comes out!

Also in this episode, we're introduced to Stark's daughter Julie, one of those wise-beyond-her-years kids; Jessica Devlin, the district attorney who will clearly be sleeping with him later; the Minnows, one of whom is a total suck-up, one of whom has a problem with authority, one of whom gets canned, and two of whom are just kind of there; and, finally, the awesome mock courtroom in Stark's house, filled with legal relics and high-tech equipment.


Liz said...

Spy Daddy would kick his ass all over town. Although I can't say either show really grabbed me. (Full disclosure: I only caught the first 20 minutes or so of Shark...but I was totally fine turning it off. It's possible I'm just sick of lawyer shows. And also crime shows. Medical shows, you may be next...although I really hope not!)

Lori said...

Yeah, I basically see both of those shows in the same way: good for watching if you're just looking for mindless entertainment. And, really, I think Justice is better for that than Shark.