Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cirque du CSI

When last we left the Vegas CSIs, they were holding vigil at Brass' bedside and two of them were about to have sex. Astoundingly, neither one of them was Catherine. Yes, after years of longing looks over corpses and bugs, Grissom and Sara finally got their act together. Which brings us to the new season.

Good news, everyone! Brass is back, now with a tattoo to commemorate his shooting. Sam Braun is back, too, because people keep dying around him. This time it's one of the investors in his new hotel. His case is a straightforward suicide. The other case this week, a death backstage at Ka, is an accident caused by a run-in with the moveable stage. The cases wrap up easily so they can get to setting up next week's episode.

Grissom and Sofia (Yeah, she's still there. I know, I forgot, too.) investigate a crime scene replicated in miniature - exactly - in a creepy little dollhouse. Catherine and Nick, on the other hand, have apparently wandered onto a WB show, because they're suddenly in the middle of a John Mayer performance. And everyone has fun until someone slips a mickey into Catherine's drink and she wakes up naked in a hotel room. And then she takes it upon herself to process her own crime scene. To be continued!

In character news: David the assistant coroner has a bad night, first grossing out the future in-laws, and then allowing a body to bleed out in the body bag, Warrick tells Hodges to shut up, because he can't hear it enough, and the Curse of the Ill-Advised Facial Hair claims another victim. Having apparently learned nothing from Grissom's beard and Nick's 'stache, Greg is sporting the kind of long sideburns that were popular only in the 70s, and, really, not even then. If things keep up like this, Doc Robbins is going to show up with mutton chops.

Oh, you want to know about Grissom and Sara? Did you really think they would address that? They're clearly still doing it, but the hottest thing between Grissom and Sara in this episode is the veggie burger he brings her. Of course, that is pretty hot for the two of them.