Sunday, September 10, 2006

Scrubs + Arrested Development = INFINITE JOY

Michael Ausiello has an interview with Zach Braff in his TV Guide blog, and it contains the following exchange that makes my heart soar with likely-to-be-cruelly-crushed hope:

Ausiello: What's this I hear about David Cross coming on as his Arrested Development character?

Braff: That's what I'm trying to broker. I'm a huge fan of his and so is Bill, and our idea was that he would play Tobias in an episode. Obviously, we have to get that cleared by a lot of people, like [Arrested creator] Mitch [Hurwitz] and Fox, but that was my pitch. David wants to do it.

Ausiello: Is it your goal to get the entire Arrested Development cast on Scrubs?

Braff: [Laughs] Yeah, one by one. I was such a fan.

Holy. Crap. I fear the world wouldn't even be able to handle such comedic synchrony. It would be like that South Park episode where Cartman sees the funniest thing he'll ever see and loses his sense of humor, only it would happen to everyone.

I'm thinking it'd be worth it, though, if only to see The Todd and Tobias finally ooze repressed gayness together, as the comedy gods intended. And JD and Tobias could be never-nudes together! And oh, the "Analrapist" jokes!

Additional awesome reminder: They're doing a musical episode of Scrubs.

Additional tragic reminder: Zach Braff may be leaving the cast after this year. (I'mnotlisteningI'mnotlistening! Lalalalala!)

[Ausiello Report via TV Squad]


Colleen said...

Dude i am shamefully, shamefully behind on this season. :( :( :( I know. the shame. THE SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But cheers on predicting the musical episode, like, years ago. ;)

Liz said...

Well, you've got until January or so to get caught up!

And yeah, the musical episode was totally inevitable, and will be SO GREAT. The people doing the music did "Avenue Q," the twisted Sesame Street broadway show that I love sooo much. So there's no way it won't be awesome.

Bob said...

Dude. I thought we finally got this straight. The Todd's not gay, he is just The Todd.

And I suppose on the subject of Scrubbs. In case you all didn't notice Deb's friend Wendy got some screentime last season.

Liz said...

Hey, I said repressed gayness. Tobias isn't technically gay, either. They both just sort of have that running joke going on.

I didn't know about Deb's friend! Who did she play?

Bob said...

She was the girl that JD thought was gonna be his blind date (but wasn't) on the one where he started dating Mandy Moore. So more than an extra's role, but no speaking or anything.

Liz said...

That's so cool! How'd she manage it?

Bob said...

That's a good question, but alas I do not know the answer.