Monday, September 11, 2006

Studio 60: The Hype is Justified

As the show with the most buzz coming into the new season, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip has already had lots of column space devoted to it, with much more to come. People will write about which parts are really based on Aaron Sorkin's life, about the concept it shares with 30 Rock, and about the few rough bits that definitely exist in the pilot. But here's what's really important:

You know that thrill you get when you're watching an intense moment on a really great show? A show that truly excites you? Your heart beats faster, you get a little head rush, you maybe have to take a calming breath or two? That's what I used to feel when I watched the first few seasons of The West Wing. And that's what I felt as Studio 60 wrapped up the first act and went into the opening credits.

And as a bonus, I laughed out loud more in the first 25 minutes of Studio 60 than I did watching Fox's "Founding Fathers of Comedy" night yesterday. Welcome back to television, Aaron Sorkin. We missed you.

I'll probably write more once the show officially premieres in a week. Until then, see the premiere episode of Studio 60 for yourself here.


Colleen said...

Well i took your sage advice and went to watch and and i must say i was duly impressed. I didnt laugh out loud in particular, but i was intellectually entertained to a high degree. No, wait, I did laugh out loud at the beginning when the whole diatribe started on screen and it cut to the network/censor/producer/whatever guy freaking and spazzing off his chair for a mad dash through the studio.

But yes, i did enjoy west wing at times, but I like this one even better because hey, its a subject matter that I both care about and understand. With matthew perry.

I however did NOT enjoy amanda peet. Her character is good, but I got real fed up with her "cool intelligence" that actually came off as vapid emptiness, especially during the not one but three times that she for no reason just stares off into space slightly off camera. I guess its supposed to be poignant. it wasnt.

But i totally called the christian actress as the woman from Serenity who was in the final recording they discover on the abandoned planet which was recorded right before she, and later they, are attacked by crazy psycotic human space monsters.

Liz said...

Glad you liked it! Amanda Peet's character has definitely gotten some criticism, and I agree with you to a certain degree, but right now I'm sticking with the "happy there's a strong woman character in charge who isn't secretly in love with any of the male characters" mindset, and assume they'll develop her further in the next few episodes.

And yeah, how great is Matthew Perry in this? Can't speak to the Serenity connection, though, since I didn't catch that one...

Lori said...

I liked it too. Lots of good characters, and of course Sorkin knows how to write. And as for Amanda Peet's character, she may not be secretly in love with any of the male characters now, but how long do you think they can keep that up?

Colleen said...

yeah i didnt think youd have seen serenity, nor does Firefly seem like your kind of show, though it is witty and intelligent. as well as a space western.