Friday, September 15, 2006

Survivor: I'm Rooting For the Chicken

Unless you've been living in a cave with your fingers in your ears, or have been taping the new season of Survivor somewhere remote, you've heard about the new twist for Survivor's current season: dividing the teams, at least initially, by race. Much ink has been spilled about this already, and I don't really want to add to it, except to say: I don't like it. Dividing people by race - or by gender, religion, sexuality, what have you - forces them to represent that group, so everything they do, good or bad, reflects back on the group as a whole. But the only person you can successfully represent is yourself.

Anyway, the best member of this Survivor cast isn't on any of the tribes: it's a chicken. When Jeff Probst throws the teams off his ship at the beginning of the episode, they are allowed to take as many items from the boat as they can grab, including two chickens. But one of the chickens makes a break for it, flapping out into the water as Yul jumps in after it. "Go, chicken, go!" I yell, but sadly, Jonathan snatches both the chickens and takes them back to Raro's camp, where they are confined under a box. While incarcerated, Steve McChicken convinces his buddy that they need to break out, and they choose their moment perfectly. Jessica the roller girl lifts up the box just a bit, and - freedom! The chickens scurry off into the trees, the better to taunt the hungry survivors. I can only imagine how happy this made Colleen. Liz, too, actually.


Liz said...


I can't even imagine how frightening it must have been for those guys to have people chasing after them like that. Survivor has to be one of the least animal-friendly network shows. Really unfortunate.


Colleen said...

Yaaaaaaaay!!! Idiots who dont know how to handle poultry, my feathered friends scoff at you!

I read some article in an animal rights magazine in the break room at the zoo bashing reality tv's treatment of animals. It cited things like some stupid ex-media star reality show on a farm that involved them taking animals to the mall, and a donkey that had to be put down after the "cast" forced it up an escalator and broke both its front legs. it also commented on Fear Factor, which is just gross and stupid and it honestly disturbs me when these people eat live insects. Yes, theyre bugs, but they are LIVING THINGS.

The key point, tho, is it talked about survivor outback which i didnt see but apparantly drew fire for one member of the show who was particularly brutal and disgusting in his glee of tracking down feral pigs and stabbing them to death. Later, he and his team won some chickens in a contest. A vegetarian in the group tried to convince them to keep the chickens and eat the eggs, providing protein for longer. But they laughed it off as stupid tree-hugging granola crap and butchered them all right away. A fact which im sure they regretted three days later when they had no food at all.

Now, i eat meat. id eat meat all day. ...only not cause thats gross. and in a survival situation id even eat chickens which i would have to kill myself, but even I can tell you that keeping them for the eggs is much, much, much more logical in the long run.

Chickens for the win.