Saturday, September 16, 2006

Come Back to TV, Kevin Weisman

Dear Kevin,

Has it really only been a few months since Alias went off the air? It feels a lot longer. Long enough that I've already forgotten most of the Rambaldi mythology (which wasn't really that hard, because I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it in the first place). And now a new season is starting up. Victor Garber, Greg Grunberg, and Ron Rifkin all have new shows. Even that one guy whose storyline was completely pointless. They're all back. So how about you?

Listen, I'm sorry about the times I wanted Marshall to simmer down. I'm pretty sure it wasn't that often, and besides, all I remember now are the good times. You know, like: I lost my keys. Sloane is here. That one time you saved Sydney. That other time you saved Sydney. The Marshall and Weiss Show: Perverted Russian Military Guy Edition. The Marshall and Weiss Comeback Special: Let's Run Rachel Into a Door, Hooray! The Poker Game of Awesome (pictured at left, because who wouldn't want to play poker with those guys?). And let's not forget that fantastic speech from the finale.

Tell me the good times aren't over, Kev. Come on back. I miss you.


Liz said...

I was flipping channels the other night and saw him playing a demon on Charmed...does that count?

Lori said...

No, that's not really coming back to TV.

liylak said...

Oh man, total Marshall withdrawal. (And how did I totally miss GG is going to be in Heroes? Wow am I out of the loop.)

Liz said...

He (GG) is apparently not in the first episode too much, but stay tuned for his plotline to take off in the second one (from what I've heard).

Colleen said...

hehehehe, i lost my keys.