Saturday, September 30, 2006

CSI: Teeny Tiny Crime Scene!

Last week, CSI left two plot lines hanging, in the hope that you would be interested enough to skip Grey's Anatomy this week. Ha! Nice try, CBS! Anyway, let's check in with our storylines, already in progress: the miniature replica of a full-size crime scene, and Catherine, roofied and doing her own rape kit in a seedy motel.

Teeny Tiny Crime Scene: The CSIs are still peering at the scale model, and Sara gets in the best morbid quip with: "I think Malibu Barbie did it." Since Sara was the only girl on her block with Barbie's Dream Crime Scene, I think she knows what she's talking about. The music guys even get in on the fun with the Teeny Tiny Crime Scene Toy Piano, which plinks cutely over the processing scenes.

Turns out the victim is an aging rock star (played by Danny Bonaduce), but one who still has plenty of fans. In fact, the house is surrounded by groupies, which makes it nothing short of incredible that Greg actually manages to show up for work. I mean, if anything was a sure bet to waylay him, it would be a horde of shrieking fangirls. Also fans of Bonaduce are Grissom and Doc Robbins, who rock out over the body. Doc gets so into it that he actually belts out cause of death. As you can imagine, this instantly joins the "Chariots of Fire" bit as one of the funniest CSI moments ever.

But who did it? It's not the nanny (too stupid), the ex-wife (alibi), the current wife (alibi with the ex-wife), or the son (faints at the sight of blood), so Grissom's gang is out of suspects. But what about the baby, Gris? What about the baby?

Catherine's Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day: Still determined to investigate her own rape under the table, Catherine calls Sara over to process the motel room while she takes DNA and trace over to the lab. Everything comes back negative, so she wasn't raped, but the motel owner and the bartender can't help her identify the man who drugged her. So she's at a dead end, and now Lindsey (remember her?) is mad at her because she was late picking her up from dance practice.

Could things get worse? Of course. Catherine gets T-boned at an intersection and Lindsey is stolen out of the back of the car. Sam Braun calls all too quickly to demand to know why she didn't tell him about the kidnapping. Seems he's getting his information from pictures he's received showing a drugged Catherine and a duct-taped Lindsey, along with ransom demands. Catherine blames Sam for what's happening.

She's right. They find Lindsey in the custody of the brother of last week's suicide victim, the man who killed himself after being cheated out of millions - by Sam Braun. But there's still one more suspect out there, the man who took Lindsey from the car. It's the dead guy's partner, who settles the score by shooting Sam right in front of Catherine.

And in other news, Ecklie may know about Grissom and Sara, in which case, he either a) is really, really, really observant, or b) has Grissom's townhouse bugged.


Colleen said...

Some constructive commentary:

So like I said, i like the recaps cause I dont watch all these shows. But this installment seems to be JUST recap. Yes recap with amusing quips, but no overall commentary or observation.

Not that its bad to have one like these every once in awhile, but I just thought id point it out so you could see the difference.

Lori said...

All right, all right. I'll give the people what they want.