Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What the Hell, World?

Dear World,
You are dead to me.

CSI: Miami is officially the world's number one American TV show:

With 50 million viewers around the globe (including 18.1 million Americans who tuned in last year), "CSI: Miami" toppled "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives," which ranked second and third, respectively, and even the mother ship, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," which finished in sixth place. [LA Times]

Is it the sunglasses? The constant hands-on-hips stance? The pact David Caruso has apparently signed with Satan? EXPLAIN YOURSELF, WORLD!

[via TV Tattle]


vance said...

oh god. thats really really really sad...
although maybe it's because of Jonathan Togo (who really is just as nice in person).

Liz said...

Hmm...he's been on the show since I stopped watching, I think.

But no, I'm going to stick with my Faustian bargain theory. Who but Satan could engineer such worldwide popularity?

Lori said...

What do you mean, "deal with Satan"? I thought he was Satan!

Matt said...

Horatio is the new Shatner. You know he's ridiculous. You know people don't talk like that. But you...can't...look...away.

vance said...

I agree. I hate the show but if I catch like a second of it, I'm drawn in like some kinda zombie and usually end up finishing the ep. I swear there's some hypnotism magic going on there (maybe thats why Horatio keeps taking on and off his sunglasses?).

But yes, Togo came to our offices one day and is extremely polite and would make good wallpaper material (pretty things to look at).

Liz said...

I tore myself away after the first season and never looked back. CSI: The Good One, however, can definitely hook me from the first second in. I think it's the morbid quips.

Colleen said...

In the words of David Spade, maybe its because David Coruso delivers every line like The Who is about to kick in his front door.