Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Runaway: Sometimes I feel I've got to [clapclap] run away...

Donnie Wahlberg, former teen heartthrob, plays a high-powered lawyer accused of killing a young woman. Claiming he was framed, he takes his family on the run, moving from town to town and finally settling in one of those big, empty states while he tries to crack the case and figure out who's framing him and threatening his family.

All in all, the CW's first new drama is pretty solid. The characters have depth, the concept is an interesting one (as the teenage son puts it, "Who runs?"), and Donnie's wife is very well-played by Leslie Hope (Teri Bauer on 24). I especially like the pressure put on the children to keep up their cover stories, even though they may not be 100% behind the decision to go on the run.

That said, I doubt I'll keep watching. Normally, it's the type of show that intrigues me enough to watch it if I'm home and it's on, but doesn't quite grab me enough to make it appointment viewing unless I'm actively looking for new shows to watch (which, not so much this season). Unfortunately, the serial nature of Runaway makes casual viewing more challenging. In a weaker season, though, I'd definitely be watching this one.