Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jericho: The Day Of

The premise of Jericho would make a great movie: small Kansas town dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear explosion - oh. Wait. Well, but this is different, because instead of Steve Guttenberg, it has Skeet Ulrich. Anyway, with such an interesting premise, and one that captivated the nation back in 1983, you would expect the show to be more engaging. Denver and Atlanta have been obliterated by nuclear blasts (so if you're reading from either of those cities, sorry, you're dead), and we're supposed to wonder what other cities have been destroyed. Skeet has been gone from Jericho for five years and we're supposed to wonder where he's been, especially when he comes back with emergency tracheotomy skills. The only thing I found myself wondering was whether Kansas really is flat enough that the citizens of Jericho would be able to see the mushroom cloud explode over Denver. Especially since there are intimations at the end of the episode that something similar has happened in Wichita. So they saw Denver blow up, but not Wichita? What kind of new geography is this?

I'll give it another try next week, to see what the show can do when it really warms to its premise. But for right now, it's not really grabbing me.