Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tonight on Justice: A SoCal Geography Lesson

Don't let anyone tell you Jerry Bruckheimer isn't educational. With this latest episode of Justice, I learned an important geography lesson: Orange County is not like L.A. The gist of it is that citizens of Orange County are conservative and don't trust anyone from Los Angeles. And, despite having Disneyland, they are no fun at all. Alden complains that she has to dress like her mother to get the jury to like her, Ron gets benched because people in L.A. County barely like him, to say nothing of the O.C., and Tom uses his down-home Nebraska charm to help win the case. Because Orange County is a lot like Nebraska. No, really, he said it. But Victor Garber gets perhaps the best line of the night when he neatly sums up the O.C. attitude: "It's Orange County. The airport is named for John Wayne, for God's sake. Man up."

And kudos to Justice for finally suprising me. For once, the way the crime played out was not telegraphed in the middle of the trial.


Liz said...

YES! I didn't get home from work until halfway through the episode, but Reid and I were both like, "Gee, I wonder where this trial is? Could it be in Orange County, since they've only mentioned it thirty times in the past ten minutes? Thanks for the reminders, guys!"