Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Heroes: I'm warning you now...

Now that the pilot of Heroes has finally aired, I can post about the specifics of the episode, because my assumption is that a majority of you – at least, those of you who care – have seen it. However, because I still feel like it needs to be said: if you haven't seen it yet, because you taped it and are planning on watching it later, stop reading now. Just stop. Go and get a sandwich or something, or water your plants, or, if you're at work while you're reading this, do some actual work. Go on, go. I don't want anyone saying I didn't warn them (Mom).

Okay. Is everyone here who should be here? Good. So who else thinks that they're setting up the Petrelli brothers to be superhero/supervillain? And who else is slightly bothered by this? I know that if it comes down to it, you guys already know which Petrelli brother I'll be rooting for, and it's not the "good" one, but that's not why it bothers me. I've done my share of rooting for bad guys before. I just find the characterization extremely heavy-handed. We're hit over the head with the fact that Peter is the good one, because he's selfless, tends to people for a living, and cares about his mom, while Nathan is bad because he's a selfish politician who only cares about his campaign. Well, you know what, Peter? I didn't see you taking care of the charges against your mom. And why does "politician" have to be shorthand for "egocentric"? Wait, don't answer that.

My point is, it seems like lazy characterization, and maybe it's just because it's the pilot. But if this is something they're going to build on, why not stretch it out? Why spend all your "Nathan is selfish and Peter is perfect" in one place? Because they spent enough time talking about it that I have to believe that this is where they're going, not to mention that it's the old superhero conceit that the archenemy is often someone close to him. And who could be closer than two brothers with a psychic bond? I do like the idea of a fraternal face-off, but, as I said, I'd be happier if they stretched it out, the way they're doing with Glasses Man. We don't know what Glasses Man is up to. We don't know what his objective is. Because it's stupid to show your entire hand in the first episode.

So anyway, there's that. Have I mentioned how much I like Hiro? Yes? Okay, I think we're done here.


Matt said...

Hiro and the cheerleader were my favorite.

I'm not sure they're setting up Nathan for arch-villainship. They could be setting him up for conflicted-but-eventually-comes-around.

Not the greatest pilot of all time, but if you cut away the cheese and the cliches, it could be an ok show.

Anonymous said...
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vance said...

hmm.. I see you've been hit by the spammer post...

anyways. Hiro, clearly the best character. So well done. Kinda felt that brothers superhero/villain thing but I felt that because it was so heavyhanded, that the twist was that it WASNT going to be. But thats just me. Or at least what I would do maybe.

Lori said...

Hmm, maybe you're right, Vance. I hadn't considered the red herring possibility, even though it was right there at the end (i.e. we think Peter can fly, but guess what, Nathan does!). We'll have to wait and see.

Matt, I agree with you about the cheese and cliches. Peter and the professor are especially guilty of this, always going on about destiny and all that. I think that's why Hiro and Claire are so appealing. Such a refreshing break from all that.

liylak said...

I think this show has some serious potential... I am really hoping that we don't end up at the good bro vs. bad bro -- to get to that, they really did do too much with them in the first episode. We have to like politician brother before we hate him because we've got a whole 21 or so episodes to go in the season.

Really, I'm in it to see who Magneto is.

I'm worried Hiro will become one note.

Lori said...

Oh, I hope Hiro doesn't become one-note. Although I'd still like him better than Milo. Ah, well, we'll have to wait and see.

brenda said...

OK, I finally caught up. I also love Hiro - great name, great character. At least he has fun with his superpower and doesn't fret about it like the rest of them.

And was anyone else creeped out about Glasses Man being Texas Cheerleader's adoptive father? I could feel the Ominous Foreboding.

Overall, I'm reserving judgement until Weiss shows up.

Next on my DVR list - Ugly Betty!