Friday, September 29, 2006

Ugly Betty: Scheming pretty people

Meet Betty. She's ugly. Well, not really ugly, TV ugly. She's not a size 0, she has glasses, and there's the giant braces. All she wants is to work at a magazine. Thanks to her uggitude, she gets the chance.

Meet Daniel. He, too, has a simple dream: to screw every attractive woman in New York. And not to screw up the job that his dad got him as editor-in-chief of fashion magazine Mode. Mostly the former, though. So to help him beat the problem he has with sleeping with his assistants, Daddy gets Daniel a new assistant: Betty. But Daniel really likes things the way they were, so he decides to go all Devil Wears Prada on Betty to get her to quit. It works.

Meet Wilhelmina. She's got Botox in her office and an assistant, Marc, who just got here from the 80s (black and pink sweater, black and white checkered shirt, yellow tie. Did he leave his Members Only jacket at home?). Wilhelmina thinks she should have gotten the editor-in-chief job. And probably, she should have, because she's right: Daniel only got the job through nepotism and doesn't know what he's doing. She sabotages Daniel's presentation to a major client to bring him down.

So: Daniel needs to present a new idea to the client next morning or he's toast! Betty has a good idea but is still upset with how she was treated! If you need me to explain what happens next, you have never seen TV.

The verdict: I like this show. It's light and fun, and sometimes over the top (there's even a death-faking), but as long as they can keep from ruining it like they did Desperate Housewives, it should be good times.


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine assisted for the posters to promote this show and tells me that the actress who plays her is gorgeous in real life and that the stylists have to work overtime to make her look -quote-un-quote- ugly. Just an interesting tidbit.

Colleen said...

Um...whats the show? I havent heard anything even remotely close to this premise being taunted around.

Lori said...

Dylan: That's what I've heard, too. And it's easy to tell while watching it that she's really not ugly. I didn't know they had to work overtime to ugg her up, though. That's funny.

Colleen: The premise for the show was taken from a really popular telenovela from Columbia (and, I believe, later remade in Mexico). It's about an unfashionable girl who goes to work at a fashion magazine. It's gotten some good press, but it might have gotten overshadowed by Studio 60 in terms of buzz.