Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Standoff: I Still Can't Give a Care

Standoff made a valiant effort this week with a show that had quite a bit of hostage negotiating and very little of that tac team guy who just wants to shoot the hell out of everything, but ultimately, it's a little too in love with their hostage negotiators in love. I liked the negotiating storyline this week - air traffic controller takes LAX tower hostage after he causes two planes to collide in midair - but they went too far by trying to tie in Matt and Emily's issues. Because the controller "let his personal life interfere with his work." Like them. You see?

Oh, and then it turns out that last week, when they said that they could get fired for being a couple? Yeah, that was a massive lie, because the boss is totally cool with it. And when she says, "You can't get married. There's a new policy," they do that awkward, "ha, ha, we're totally not thinking about getting married" laugh that means that they're completely in looooooove and they really are going to get married. Listen, you guys, if you're going to center a show around a couple, make sure that a) that couple has an interesting dynamic and good chemistry, and b) they're not taken from the Big Book O' Stock Characters. Because I think I've seen this couple before, except Matt was Tom Hanks and Emily was Dan Aykroyd.