Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Smith: The Mysteries of Liotta

The second episode is always the test of a show. The pilot presents the idea; episode two shows how it can be sustained. The problem with Smith is that, being a show about people who plan and execute heists, it loses quite a bit of momentum when it's not actually planning and executing heists. There is only a little job this week - stealing personal data (but trust me, it involved crashing a Hummer into a plate-glass window), and so the rest of the episode is devoted to continuing personal storylines from the pilot. Well, except for the extended motorcycle chase. But anyway, Hope gets suspicious reading about the art theft, the feds contact Dorothy/Annie's parents, and the brother/cousin of the two guys Jeff shot goes looking for him. And if you haven't gotten enough excitement yet, there's even a scene between Ray Liotta and his broker.

I spent most of the episode pondering the Mysteries of Liotta, such as: What is it about watching Liotta coach Little League that makes me shudder like I've just seen Vincent D'Onofrio? Why does Liotta always look like he's wearing eyeliner? The world may never know.


Colleen said...

He also looks a little bit like russel crowe in that picture you posted of him.

Lori said...

Makin' movies, makin' songs, and stealing 'round the world!

Matt said...

The least creepy performance of Ray Liotta's career was Field of Dreams, so he took to the baseball field in this episode to fix that.