Monday, November 27, 2006

The Amazing Race: They'd None of Them Be Missed

This week's theme: everyone hates the beauty queens. Which is odd, because they're not having a particularly good leg. They miss their connection to Morocco, they get frequently lost, and they come in last (it's non-elimination, of course). The team the others should really be hating is Lyn and Karlyn, who have crazy good navigation skills and manage to finish in second place after being Yielded. They spend their three-hour layover in Paris studying a map of Morocco. Now that is a team to be reckoned with. I'm still not sure they'll win, but they'll give Tyler and James and Kandice and Dustin a run for the million. Rob and Kimberly, I'm assuming, will be gone next week, undone either by a complete meltdown or by their horrible, horrible carma (car karma; another one of their cars gave itself a flat this week).

Me, I hate the clues. When we see the Detour clue about how there are only three workstations available at either Detour option, the clue reads, "First Come. First, Served." I'm an editor, so this sort of thing bothers me much more than it should, but even so, clue writers: didn't you ever hear of this book?

There's also a piece of TAR news about the upcoming season: Variety reports that the spring season, taping now, will be an all-star season. If we take Variety's word for it that it will include Rob and Amber, Uchenna and Joyce, and David and Mary, but not Chip and Kim or Jonathan and Victoria (thank God), who will fill out the rest of the roster? I've got a few guesses:

  • Rob and Brennan (season 1): You can't have an all-star season without the first winner(s) of the game. It's not done.
  • Kevin and Drew (season 1): They've already guest starred, so I'm sure they'd do it again.
  • Kelly and Jon (season 4): They yell at each other enough to bring the drama, and yet they don't hate each other.
  • Colin and Christie (season 5): Broken Ox II: Electric Boogaloo.
  • Mirna and Charla (season 5): I'd love to see Charla back, but can we have her back without Mirna?
  • Kris and Jon (season 6): Pretty much the only likeable team from season 6. Although I'd like to see them give Lena and Kristy another chance.
  • BJ and Tyler (season 9): Mostly everyone loved the hippies. Mostly.

I never saw seasons 2 or 3, so I couldn't say who the representatives of those seasons would be. If you've got ideas, feel free to share them.


Liz said...

I hope they have Kris and Jon--those guys were the best! I bet Mirna and Charla do it, since they did that lame "Battle of the Reality Stars" thing last year. Good call on Colin and Christie, too...I want to see them get in a fight with Rob and Amber!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mostly. I was NOT one of the Hippie fans. PLEASE NO.

but WHAT? you missed Season 2 and 3 of The Amazing Race? Those were the best 2 seasons EVER. Seriously. I could deal with more than half of Season 2 being in All Stars alone! That was also when they got clever and started asking locals for help.

Lori said...

Hey, I've at least seen season 1, thanks to the DVDs. And when CBS gets in gear and releases seasons 2 and 3, I'll be able to see those seasons.

And unfortunately, if they are representing each season with at least one team, season 9 will probably be represented by the hippies. Some people like them. But maybe I'm wrong, and they'll go with the nerds or Ray and Yolanda - either team would be just fine by me.

And Liz, good call on the potential for a Rob/Amber/Colin/Christie smackdown. Rob will probably make Colin's head explode.