Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So let's just say, hypothetically speaking, I'm a murderer...

In what can only be described as an awesome premise for a sketch on Saturday Night Live, FOX is going to air an interview with O.J. Simpson at the end of November. Wait for it, wait for it... The two-part special is entitled, "O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here's How It Happened." I just... I... There are no words. From Zap2it:

Publisher Judith Regan and Simpson will have a no-holds-barred interview in which he, among other things, "tells for the first time how he would have committed the murders if he were the one responsible for the crimes."

Oh, and it gets even better:
The special is perfectly timed around the release of Simpson's book "If I Did It," which will be released on Nov. 30.

That's right, the man famously acquitted of murder despite considerable evidence to the contrary is doing an interview and writing a (hilariously titled) book about how he WOULD HAVE committed the murders IF he had done it. This seriously sounds so much like an SNL sketch that I feel like (hope?) we're all being Punk'd or something. Oh, man. How much do I love America right now?

UPDATE: Cancelled. :(


Anonymous said...

and Fox took off Justice for THIS??? Justice my a$$.

(don't even get me started about Arrested Development, Kitchen Confidential, The Tick etc etc)

Liz said...

I've decided, for the sake of my mental health, to celebrate the fact that we got ANY episodes of the good shows, and to revel in the bad (since I'm not a Nielsen household anyway). Thus, I will be popping a big tub of popcorn and settling down to watch O.J. almost confess on national television come Nov. 27th. Otherwise, I fear the bitterness would consume me, and I'd never even start watching the good shows for fear they'd be cancelled. Plus, you KNOW the interview's gonna be hilarious!

Anonymous said...

ah, I wish I could say the same but they track things differently here in Canada so alas, they will know that I watched. (Neilsen Canada apparently tracks household numbers through the cable companies, so basically, if you have cable, you're being tracked. So much more accurate but probably possible since we are 1/10th the size of the US. So I'm not sure if our top 10 is different due to us being actual CDN's or we are just more accurate with our tracking (example: Amazing Race is always a top ten staple if not top 3)

Liz said...

Wow, that's so cool! I totally didn't know that about Canada. Learn something new every day! And is there any way I can convince you to get all your friends to watch The Nine?