Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Kevin Bright Won't 'Be There' for Sitcoms

Apparently Kevin Bright, former Friends executive producer, thinks sitcoms these days are unoriginal:

"We're in a bad place," he said. "Since Will and Grace I haven't seen one original idea on network TV."

Thus, Bright will devote himself to teaching the next generation of sitcom directors, because those who can do, teach. Wait, that's not quite right... (Sorry, teachers, it was just too easy.)

Seriously, what the hell, man? I'm sorry, but "Six white, middle-class urbanites hang around a coffee shop and date each other" isn't exactly reinventing the wheel. Yeah, it was clever and hilarious, but it was anything BUT original. Come on, just this Thursday night on NBC there will be THREE shows more original than Friends (I'm not counting The Office, since it's a remake), with nary a laugh track or "will they or won't they" to be found. And that's not even mentioning Arrested Development, possibly the funniest, most original sitcom EVER.

So in conclusion, suck it, Kevin Bright. Aside from Friends, your resume is embarrassing, and the sitcom medium has moved on without you. Enjoy obsolescence.


Anonymous said...

Liz, I concur… Yes, marijuana often creates delusional self-impression of grandiosity… You know what I am talking about, right KB? We all saw the “originality” in that Joey spin-off show… Hey Kevin, after all, a show about Gunter could have been way more original than Joe… lucky hack, you… :)