Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Boston Legal: Best Haunted House Ever!

Ah, Boston Legal. Pure twisted, quirky fun. Plus, stirring closing arguments for added measure! I only tuned in from time to time last season, but after watching more consistently this year, I'm totally hooked. Any show that would have a lead character's fiancé’s head end up in a haunted house is okay by me.

The incest thing last night was regrettable (although I love that actress! She was totally a stand-out guest star in the little people convention episode of CSI), especially given that yesterday was rather incest-heavy to begin with, but how much do I love Denny Crane? And Alan! What the hell is wrong with that guy, and why do I find it all so entertaining? More importantly, why on Earth wasn't I watching this show from the beginning?

I blame the fact that it was a Practice spin-off. They should have done a disclaimer in every ad for the show: "Yes, it's a Practice spin-off, but it doesn't take itself ridiculously seriously. Really! It's actually totally twisted! And William Shatner is GREAT in it!" Not too catchy, but persuasive, no?

Ah, well. I'm watching now. And if you want to add an hour-long show to your schedule that isn't a serial drama, makes you smile, and gets you wondering whether you may (like Denny) have Mad Cow Disease, you should watch it too! Added bonus: The theme song is great for dancing around in your living room. Not that I ever, ever would. (Again.)


Anonymous said...

It's totally another guilty pleasure show for me since the start. I dropped The Practice WAY long ago when no one in the cast could crack a smile but BL is completely NUTS and so fun to watch. Though I think it perfected its zaniness when it added Candice Bergin and Julie Bowen in season 2, so you haven't missed that much yet. I think it is now at it's pinacle of nutterdom.

Liz said...

Yay! Yeah, Dylan McDermott always creeped me out (he looks like a plastic Ken doll!), so The Practice was never my fave, even aside from the self-importance.

Best part about Boston Legal: The writing and acting is so good that I don't even really consider it a guilty pleasure! The politically correct side of me just feels bad about laughing at some (all?) of the jokes.