Friday, November 17, 2006

Grey's Anatomy: Bright and Shiny Only Last So Long

In this case, "Bright and Shiny" Meredith only lasts about half an hour before her spirit is tarnished by a patient's mom who's taken straight out of The Nanny Diaries. And it's just as well, because as annoying as "Dark and Twisty" Meredith is, the perkiness was starting to get to me.

In other news, Bailey is a good singer, George is totally sly to Christina and Burke's injury-hiding ways (and it's a good thing, too, since Burke was going to operate on George's father, who has cancer), Callie gets along with George's family, Izzie isn't ready to do the McNasty with Alex, the Chief "leaves" Meredith's mom for Adele, and Addison tosses her wedding rings into the Puget Sound. Oh, and Meredith is a total and complete moron for basically telling Bailey that women can't have a child and a career. I know she's speaking from experience with her mom, but bad move, Meredith!

And was anyone else uncomfortable watching Isaiah Washington and T.R. Knight's scenes together? If I were a gay man, I'm not sure I could stand acting in such close quarters with someone who had basically publicly called me a faggot and forced me out of the closet. And it's funny that both Isaiah Washington and his character have been damaged in my mind at about the same time--Isaiah for the aforementioned slur, and Burke for the whole "putting people at risk just to hide his injury" situation. Isaiah and Burke--you're on notice (best link ever, Lori!).


Lori said...

You're welcome. :) And I agree about the Knight/Washington scenes. I don't believe Shonda Rhimes when she says that they're still one big happy family. Because when you find out that one of your family members is a bigot, you don't look at that person the same way again.

Liz said...

Yeah, seriously! I saw them on Oprah yesterday, and it was so uncomfortable--T.R. was all quiet and awkward looking while Patrick and Isaiah were trying to spout the "big happy family" party line.