Wednesday, November 29, 2006

ScrubsWatch '06: One Day Left!

We are a short thirty-two hours away from the season premiere of Scrubs, and I am crazy psyched. Onward to the Scrubs news!

MovieWeb has posted a candid interview with Bill Lawrence and Zach Braff, in which they discuss the Year of the Babies, how they pick music for the show, Zach's next movie, and the multitalented awesomeness that is Masi Oka, among other things.

Hollyscoop points us to an eBay auction, organized by Johnny Walker Blue, which features hospital scrubs decorated by the cast of Scrubs. The auction will benefit the New Orleans Museum of Art's Katrina Fund, and runs through December 8th. Which is, incidentally, my birthday, so if you're looking for a present, I like the one decorated by Neil Flynn (Janitor) the best. Seriously, it's awesome. Ken Jenkins (Dr. Kelso), on the other hand, has produced a Go check 'em out, and start bidding if you can afford it! They're all just $50 right now, and it's for a great cause!

Finally, The National Ledger has an itty bitty interview with John C. McGinley (scroll down), in which he talks about the upcoming season and his latest movie, Ice Cube's aptly named, Are We Done Yet? Yeah, JCM has never really been one to go for quality in the movie scripts he chooses. Happily, that's not the case for television shows!

UPDATE: Donald Faison was on the Megan Mullally Show today! He talked about the new season, and how his experience with his own four kids is coming in handy on-set now that Turk has a baby. They also discussed the awesomeness that is Zach Braff, and how Donald and Zach are totally pals (despite their J.D.-and-Turk-like differences), and even lived together one summer in New York! Oh, and some basketball thing he wants to win. There's a very expensive ring involved.


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