Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Work It Out, Paul Adelstein

I'd like to take a moment, if I could, to appreciate Paul Adelstein. He's the hardworking actor who plays the cheerfully manipulative, pie-loving, Extremely Secret Service Agent Paul Kellerman on Prison Break. Kellerman is, of course, a bad guy, and he's done some evil, evil things, including murdering his partner, leaving a man to die in a well, and torturing a woman he used to be friends with and leaving her to drown in the bathtub. But you don't love to hate him, the way you do with T-Bag, the hardcore criminal. You hate to love him. Or, more accurately, love to love him, because he's a charming bastard, and there's nothing that's not funny about him squeaking, "Mmm, that's good pie." (Adelstein was also on Scrubs, which, of course, earns him major points.)

At this point, Kellerman is my favorite thing about Prison Break. He's got a good storyline and he's rocking it. I even feel bad for the poor guy, getting an iron to the chest and then getting dumped by the vast conspiracy. But he'll get over it; he's young and evil, and he can probably take on the entire conspiracy himself. In fact, I hope he does. Go Kellerman!

Incidentally, Paul Adelstein was considered for the role of Burke on Grey's Anatomy. And how different things would have been if they had taken him on. (For one thing: probably no choking.)