Wednesday, November 15, 2006

ScrubsWatch '06: Hiro!

The Scrubs news just keeps getting better and better! According to Kristin Veitch, Masi Oka (whom we now know and love as Hiro on Heroes) may be stopping by to pay tribute to his humble roots as Franklyn the lab worker on Scrubs. Best of all, Bill Lawrence wants Masi to keep his Heroes powers! AWESOME.

And in other Best Sitcoms Ever news, Mitch Hurwitz and Richard Day (previously of Arrested Development fame), have gotten a pilot order from ABC for The Thick of It. From Zap2it:

The original series, which won two BAFTA Awards (the British version of the Emmys) earlier this year, including best comedy, focused on a harried member of Parliament and the inept staff members and bureaucrats he dealt with on a daily basis (it aired on BBC America in this country). ABC's version will transplant the action to Congress.



Lori said...

Double YAAAY!!!!

Liz said...


brenda said...

Scrubs + Blue Man Group + Hiro = WOW!
Can't wait!

Liz said...

Yeah, PLUS the musical episode!!! It's gonna be great!