Thursday, November 30, 2006

ScrubsWatch '06: Happy ScrubsDay!!!

It's here! It's finally here! Season Six of Scrubs will premiere tonight at 9 PM on NBC, surrounded by three of the other best comedies on television. Life is as it should be. Now, I realize it's up against Grey's Anatomy, which will be tough for some of you (and me), but that's what DVRs and VCRs are for! It's an embarrassment of riches! NBC has a mini-preview of tonight's episode (click on "featured video"), and from everything I've read, it's gonna be action-packed!

There are about a million articles today about Scrubs and the new NBC comedy block, and most of them source the same interview with Bill Lawrence and Zach Braff, but these two contain several tidbits from tonight's episode, for those of you who don't mind knowing a couple of the jokes in advance. The second article does criticize the show a little, but I'm not going to let that ruin ScrubsDay for me! Nine hours and counting!

UPDATE: USA Today has a GREAT interview with the producers of all the shows on the new NBC comedy block tonight (Greg Garcia-My Name is Earl, Greg Daniels-The Office, Bill Lawrence-Scrubs, and Tina Fey-30 Rock). It offers both insight and hilarity. Sample excerpt:

Despite the praise and awards, most of these shows have struggled to attract viewers. 30 Rock is going through that now. How has NBC responded?

Lawrence: One of the greatest things that happened with The Office was that NBC wasn't on top of the world, and had an executive like (entertainment chief) Kevin Reilly who could stand up for it and take chances. ... Who's to say that four years earlier when Friends was pulling in ridiculous numbers that they wouldn't have pulled the plug quicker?

Daniels: What do you think, Tina? The Office was pretty low rated in the beginning, but I never got the feeling (NBC) was panicking.

Fey: I feel like they've been very supportive of us. They kind of know what the show they bought is about and are not all of a sudden trying to change it.

Lawrence: But Tina's character does have superpowers from now on.

Fey: I do have superpowers. And a briefcase full of money. My character is going to give away up to $100,000 every week.

Lawrence: Otherwise, it's the same show.

AWESOME. Go read the whole thing!