Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Heroes: You've Got Questions, They've Sort of Got Answers

This week is not about advancing the plotlines. All the cliffhangers from last week's episode, with the exception of Hiro's, are still in play. This week is about answering questions, no matter how small they might be. This is the week in which we learn why Eden was sent to New York (to take Claire's name off the Suresh list) and why Matt keeps failing the detective exam (dyslexia). But there are some big questions that get some answers, so let's go through it.

What's up with Nathan's accident? His car is run into some onramp water barrels by Linderman's goons, but he's not hurt because – you guessed it – he flies out of danger.

What happens to Hiro? He ends up six months in the past and gets Charlie to fall in love with him, but just as they're about to kiss, he teleports over to Tokyo. He seems to come to the realization that he can't control his power and he can't change the past. However, this would negate the purpose of Future Hiro, so he must be able to do both.

Who is Jessica? She was Niki's sister who died at age 11, choked to death by their father. So Niki's possessed by the ghost of her fiercely protective sister? There has to be something more here. Isn't the show going to provide a quasi-scientific explanation?

Who is Sylar? He's a watchmaker from Brooklyn named Gabriel Grey. He has two abilities: diagnosing and fixing mechanical objects and having vivid delusions of grandeur. When Chandra tells him that he maybe isn't so special as Chandra thought he was, it sets him off. He takes a name from the Suresh list, a telekinetic (played by the aptly nicknamed Super Dave from CSI) and kills him. Unfortunately, they didn't answer the real question I had, which is how Sylar gets from removing the skullcap to acquiring his kill's ability. I assume there's a step in between.


Anonymous said...

I think we all know the answer to your skull cap question... Sylar is a ZOMBIE! BRAAAAINS BRAAAAINS! But seriously - the thing that weirded me out the most was the fact that he puts on his watch fixing glasses after he kills the guy.

This further raises the question - could Sylar in an upcoming episode perhaps eat the brains of Mr. Nuke? And if so, he may very well be the case of that little explosion happening in a few months.

I think that Hiro has demonstrated that his jumps have a ticking clock element to them. He can't just go anywhere he wants to and stay there, he has like, a few days before his time juice runs out and the meter goes Ding. I am left to wonder if his jumping has some sort of more lofty design that we aren't seeing yet. For instance, it's hard to believe that Hiro would teleport to that specific day when New York City blows up unless there was a purpose to it. Similarly, Hiro apparently doesn't have control of his most recent excellent adventure but that span of time seems to hold a lot of significance for a lot of the characters (although clearly it also allows them to answer a bunch of questions at once as well).

Also, I am left to question whether or not Hiro's subway teleport into the past and time freezing thing was partially thanks to Patrelli's ability to take on the powers of whomever he's near. How else would Patrelli be able to be in frozen time with Hiro on the subway unless he himself also was able to manipulate time the way that Hiro was?

This would also explain why Hiro can communicate with him in the past to change it and not necessarily anyone else both of them would temporarily be existing outside of the time continuum.