Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Veronica Mars: Some People Never Learn

And so the first big mystery of the season has wrapped up. Mac is back, alive and well, but remembering nothing about her harrowing multi-week ordeal (although her "Ask me about my STD" shirt may give us a clue as to where she's been), which I suppose is just as well for her mental health, and – oh, right, the campus rapist. Right, right.

First things first: Logan breaks up with Veronica, stating correctly that the two of them don't work together. Thanks for listening, Logan. Maybe you can do something about that mumbly delivery, too. The Greeks are back on campus, setting the stage for a big Pi Sig party, which the campus rapist has already promised he'd hit. Veronica recruits the V Squad (Mac, Wallace, and Piz) to be on the lookout for any girls dumb enough to go to a frat party that a rapist has said he'd be at and drink something she's taken her eye off of for at least one second. Um, I mean possibly drugged girls. They find one who's already gone back to her room, so Veronica swaps out for her in the dark, and – dum! – Mercer's the rapist after all! There's some stabby stabby with a unicorn, Veronica runs, and Moe the RA comes to her rescue, sitting her down with a nice cup of tea. Oh, Veronica, and you were doing so well. Because Moe is the procurement guy in this whole scheme, and he just slipped her some GHB. Twice in three weeks? Worst detective ever, Veronica. Fortunately, Parker is the Lassie of rapes, hearing Veronica's whistle and bringing the entire dorm out to face Moe and Mercer. When Veronica opens up her own Hearst detective agency (and I hope she does), there should be room for Parker on the roster.

But as one mystery ends, another begins, and this time it's the murder of Dean O'Dell. No! Not the student-hating, Mars-friendly dean! We'll still see him in flashbacks, right? Right?


liylak said...

Darkest VMars ever, and so freakin' good. Evil Frack-loving RA! Logan's bff having it out for Veronica! The return of bad Logan. How badly do we think Mercer will be hurt?

I am so sad the Dean is dead, too. Loved him, loved his blossoming friendship with Veronica and with Weevil. I assume this will get him back into the plot arc...

As for Mac, seriously, wtf? And where is her colored hair?

Finally, love the Lassie reference. Classic.

Anonymous said...

Stabby Stabby?


Liz said...

YES. The end, where Logan trashes the police car and gets into the cell? I was all "Fuck yeah!" And waving my hands in the air. So many "Fuck yeah!" moments in that episode--it totally harkened back to the end of the first season.

I'm assuming Mac's colored hair ended up in Utah with the Mormans.

And way to make me laugh out loud twice (stabby stabby; lassie of rapes) in a recap of an episode about a rapist, Lori. Nicely done.