Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Studio 60: Pah-Rumpus

Thankfully, despite Aaron Sorkin's best efforts at being obnoxiously elitist, NBC has picked up Studio 60 for a full season. Woo-hoo! Unfortunately, it looks like my favorite character may not survive sweeps. Stupid, tabloid-whoring ex-husband. You'd better be bluffing, Sorkin!

So does anyone else feel like Studio 60 is getting incredibly meta? And it's not like Sorkin could have intentionally made the show THIS parallel to real life, because it's not South Park--he wrote the scripts way in advance. We've got the show which may be too intellectual/left-wing for the average television audience. We've got a network struggling to get back on top, possibly by becoming a home for more upscale shows--those which may not get huge ratings, but attract higher-income "alpha viewers." Luckily for both Studio 60's, the alpha viewers pull through, and the shows are allowed to continue on their merry, Jesus-bashing ways. Yay!

Let's just hope the cast of the real Studio 60 can avoid landing in a jail cell in Nevada, thrown at the mercy of John Goodman. Because it wasn't THAT entertaining on the show-within-a-show. Although I do appreciate what I assume was an attempt to address the "Hollywood elite looking down at everyone else" criticism (more meta-ness than you can shake a stick at, here).


Anonymous said...

I used to watch Studio 60 and tape Brothers and Sisters (oh yeah, Studio 60 is on Sundays here for us), but now I have to admit I've been reversing that. Studio 60 feels too insider for me and I'm IN the industry. I'll still watch and I simply adore Sarah Paulson but there are times I'm putting the show "on notice". (thanks for that link by the way!)

Liz said...

Yeah, Studio 60 sometimes leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but I really love a lot of the actors (Sarah Paulson, Matthew Perry) and the characters (Jordan!), which helps to make it palatable when Sorkin is going off on one of his insider (agreed) rants. I'm glad it got renewed so that it has a chance to find its footing--I still think it has a lot of potential.

I confess that I gave up on Brothers and Sisters 3/4 through the first episode and never looked back. Glad to hear it's improving, though!