Thursday, November 02, 2006

NBC Hates Television

It's finally happened. After hobbling around on a broken leg for a few weeks, Kidnapped has finally been taken out back and shot by NBC. The network claims that it's going to make the last batch of episodes available on its website, but after the treatment this show has received, I don't believe it. NBC shunts the show off to Saturday nights, cuts the episode order in half, and then pulls it off the air entirely because of poor ratings. Shenanigans! It's Saturday night; the ratings would never have been good enough for NBC. And making the (large) assumption that it'll stick with the reduced order of 13 episodes, that means that there are eight left, and I find it very hard to believe that NBC won't just give up after streaming one or two.

It's all well and good for NBC to put up the pretense that it cares about the show's few fans and that it's going to let them see how the mystery wraps up, but that's not how they really operate. It's ironic but true: NBC hates television. And if you're a Scrubs fan, you know I'm right.

So, because I firmly believe we'll never see the final episode, let's just pretend that it ends this way, because it probably would have: Atkins is the mole and Otto helps Leopold escape. Okay? Okay.