Wednesday, November 01, 2006

House: Incest-o-Rama!

Okay, so was last night "Unintentional Incest Night," or something? First, we had the young husband and wife with improbably matching rare genetic disorders who - Surprise! - were actually half-brother and sister on House. Then, on Boston Legal, we find out that Denny's girlfriend is quite likely his daughter. Ew!

Accidental incest aside, House was in fine form last night. Lots of great banter between House and Wilson, House and Cuddy, House and Cameron, House and Foreman... Not House and Chase, though, because Chase was too busy crawling up House's ass. Oh, Chase. Don't you know that House will never truly respect a suck-up? Although to be fair, House does have a huge ego, so maybe it's a legit strategy after all.

And can I just say that I love the new, back-talking Cameron? She definitely wins for Most Improved Character, and also provided the Quote of the Episode:
[House wonders why the pediatric nurse is hanging around their wing if she isn't dating Wilson]
Cameron: "Because I'm hitting that, and it's totally hot." Ha!

It's also really interesting to see Foreman in a relationship (yeah, he's actually hitting that). His character has always seemed the most cold and distanced to me, and I think an outside relationship would flesh him out a little more. And now that we know Foreman has a heart, and actually cares about his patients' feelings and such, he is solidly out of the running for assuming House's throne after House is shanked in prison while David Morse (new nemesis!) stands idly by. Better start practicing your insults now, Chase, so you'll be ready to step up when the time comes.

Can't wait for next week, when House is in prison! Anyone else thinks that Wilson will torch Cuddy's office or something, just so he can get arrested and bunk with House?