Wednesday, November 29, 2006

House: Before He Sputters Out...

Great episode last night. There was so much going on! Detective Tritter, sticking with his "keep applying pressure until someone cracks" philosophy, freezes everyone's bank accounts and proves himself to be even more like House by duplicating House's ability to poke at each individual's biggest weakness with a sharp stick. All sorts of genius House/Tritter parallels abound, especially in conversations between House and Cuddy and Tritter and Cuddy.

House, in the meantime, has become very, VERY mean now that Cuddy has reduced his pill intake. Like, meaner than usual. Cruel, even. It's hard to watch, especially when he makes Cuddy cry by snapping that it's a good thing her pregnancies haven't taken, since she'd be a terrible mother. Harsh, House. Harsh. Oh, and he punches Chase when Chase makes a correct diagnosis.

So, with everyone abused by House more than usual and with Tritter playing all kinds of mind games, who ends up betraying House? Wilson, of course. I knew he had it in him. Even though what he did was fairly understandable given the circumstances, I can't help hating Wilson a little. Or maybe a lot. And hoping that House runs him over with his motorcycle.

The case of the week, by the way, is a little girl who turns out to be allergic to the sun. It reminded me of two things. First, a Lifetime movie about two cute little blonde sisters with a deathly sun allergy. Their neighbors are less than understanding, spray painting "GO AWAY VAMPIRES" on their garage, and burning their house down with a Molotov cocktail. Yeah.

Second, it reminded me of an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, also featuring kids with sun allergies. The team puts a huge canopy up over the swimming pool, so that the kids can go swimming "whenever they want." Um, yeah, team, as long as "whenever they want" is at 12 noon or the middle of the night, since the sun doesn't shine straight down at any other time of the day, and thus the pool wouldn't be totally protected. Sigh.

House will be back in two weeks, when House and Cuddy will face off regarding a plea bargain in which House would go to rehab. Can't wait!