Friday, November 17, 2006

The Good, The Bad, and The Neurotic

The Good: Veronica Mars has been picked up for almost a full season! They got a back seven instead of a back nine, but a 20-episode season is still definitely great news for VM fans. Yay!

The Bad: Fox has committed to a full season of 'Til Death (barf), and yet NBC has yet to renew one of the funniest shows on television. Last night's episode of 30 Rock was hilarious, showing an almost (dare I say it?) Arrested Development-like subtle hilarity with the running "Muffin Top" song gag. Start watching, people--it's getting funnier in leaps and bounds, if you ask me.

The Neurotic: Monk is returning tonight for a holiday special, in which he meets his estranged (and probably also just plain strange, since he's related to Monk) father. Yay, Monk! Although I have to say, the show seems to be in a bit of a glut with the gimmicky episodes. "Monk coaches girls' basketball!" "Monk's college reunion!" "Monk is blind!" Etc., etc. How about "Monk solves a mystery interesting enough to merit an episode without a gimmick!," eh, USA?

Update: Justice fans also got a reprieve--instead of killing the show altogether, Fox will be banishing it to Fridays starting December 1st.


Anonymous said...

Monk is still on?

Liz said...'s one of those cable shows with a weird schedule.

liylak said...

WOOOO Justice! Something to get me in the mood for BSG.

Liz said...

Ah, BSG...another one of those shows I need to start watching!