Saturday, November 04, 2006

CSI: Criminal? See Inside!

Criminals love Grissom. From Paul Millander to Zephyr to that kid who killed his parents with carbon monoxide to Hannibal Lecter, there's nothing that the really clever killers like more than to engage in a game of cat and mouse with Grissom. It's like playing chess against Deep Blue; they can't resist the chance to defeat the world's most coldly logical mind. This week's bad guy, a child molester with a master's degree, is no different. It's clear from about five minutes in that he's the one who abducted a pair of boys, so the remainder of the episode is devoted to proving it, all while he's in the interrogation room, ostensibly offering his insight into the mind of a pedophile. But, oh, silly Carl; they might not even have looked your way if you hadn't torched your car and blamed it on your neighbors. The body on the golf course doesn't help things either. Anyone else get the feeling that the golf courses in Vegas should be declared permanent crime scenes? All told, Carl is a pretty poor nemesis for Grissom, since he gets all whiny and defensive, coming up with an innocent explanation for everything, when Grissom confronts him with the facts. But the Teeny Tiny Crime Scene Killer returns next week, and who could be a more worthy adversary for Grissom than a guy who puts together painstakingly detailed dioramas of his crime scenes?

Greg's Beat Down Plot inches along, as Sara lets it slip that his coroner's inquest is coming up. This comes after Grissom breaks up Sara and Greg's lightswitch rave. Okay, so it's not a rave, it's just loud music, but they definitely could have been having a dance party just before Grissom came in. You kind of have to make up these things for yourself, because character development is minimal.

Speaking of minimal character development, Grissom's getting migraines, and based on this show's track record, they probably won't mention it again until the season finale, when he's diagnosed with a brain tumor or something.