Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Heroes: Hiro, Lost in Time

No Niki/Jessica, no Petrellis, and very little Claire, but the Heroes who are in this episode have excellent material to work with, so overall, it's a good episode. And with a cliffhanger to lead us into next week's barnburner of an installment, you'd better pay attention, because I'm only going to lay this out for you once.

Mohinder: He's back in Chennai, installed in his dad's old office, and soon he's strolling around in flashback dreams (is that his power?) of his dad. There's also a mysterious kid in these dreams who seems to be another hero, because there's a file on him in Papa's desk. Mohinder also learns from Mama Suresh that he had a sister named Shanti, who died when she was five and Mohinder was two, and Papa thought she was special. Damn, does everyone on this show have powers? Well, I know most of them do, but still.

Matt: While interviewing last week's Radioactive Man, Ted, he learns that Ted had a two-day blackout and the little hamsters start running in Matt's brain. They compare notes, // tattoos, and trace it all back to the erstwhile Possible D.L. and Blank Slate, now given a name of sorts: The Haitian. And before Homeland Security ruins everything (as they always do; see 24, season 5), Ted gives Matt a mission: "Find The Haitian." Ted later gets away, so there's another thing Homeland Security ruined. And congratulations, Heroes writers, on finally giving Matt a worthwhile storyline. See what happens when you put Greg Grunberg in a scene with some immediacy and impact?

The Baddies: Eden's got Isaac detoxing in the secret lair that Glasses Man has set up in the paper company where he works. Claire's homecoming dance, and thus her date with Sylar, is tomorrow, and Glasses Man wants Isaac to paint something to help him save Claire, but Isaac can't do it without heroin, and won't shoot up now that he's clean. So Eden has to go and use her super powers of persuasion on him. I know it's weird, but I can't help thinking of Eden as the Mirage to Glasses Man's Syndrome, you know? She's a super working for a non-super and she's uneasy with his methods. It kind of works. Right?

Hiro/Ando: At a diner in Texas, they run into another hero, a waitress with both super memory and super affection for Hiro. But then, who doesn't have the latter? When she's killed by Sylar, Hiro can't do nothing this time, and he decides to go back to yesterday to stop her from coming in to work. He tells Ando he'll be back in five seconds. He's not, but he does show up in a picture from the waitress' birthday party… weeks ago. Gasp!

Next week: Homecoming! They finally save the cheerleader! And I really hope that this is the end of all the "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" commercials. I don't think anyone doesn't get it now.


Liz said...

I'm all for less Petrelli's and more Hiro/Greg Grunberg. I was, however, a little confused during Matt's recounting of his kidnapping. He had powers before he was kidnapped, right? Because I feel like he was implying that he and Ted were kidnapped and THEN discovered that they had powers. Good call on the Mirage/Syndrome thing, btw. Maybe Glasses Man used worship Papa Suresh, and was cruelly turned away from working with him on the hero thing.

liylak said...

I don't know why I inferred this, but for some odd reason, I have this feeling Eden is Shanti.

The whole "remember what you were when you were young and I found you" thing? RIGHT after we learn there was a Shanti?

I am probably wrong, but for a minute, I was all, "it's like House! Brother and sister! Eww!"

Lori said...

Liz, I'm definitely confused on when people are getting their powers. Because Ted got them when he met with Glasses Man, a bunch of other people (the Heroes we know) got them randomly at about the same time, and the people that Glasses Man's been dealing with have had them for years. So... what the heck? I can buy people developing powers, but it's the way they all got them at the same time that confuses me.

And yeah, there's definitely more to Shanti, but they should probably leave the incest to House and Boston Legal.

brenda said...

I sure hope Hiro can save Memory Girl - they were so cute together! But I can't figure out how a good memory will help the heroes save the world - unless she can help the writers keep the story lines straight? No, you'd need more than super powers for that.

Nice to have a break from Niki/Jessica, tho. She was getting on my nerves. I don't like either side of her.