Wednesday, November 22, 2006

David Caruso is Thankful for Sunglasses

Here's a Thanksgiving present, from me to you. It's a hilarious video compiling seven minutes worth of David Caruso's pre-credit one-liners on CSI: Miami. All the hands-on-hips, dramatic sunglasses application and removal, and overly dramatic line delivery action you can handle! [via Popwatch]

I, like Lori, will be away until Monday. In the meantime, go watch some Arrested Development. There will be a quiz when I get back.


Lori said...

OMG, genius. David Caruso really is the new Shatner. He's clearly taken over the overdramatic, oddly cadenced line readings crown.

"Tai chi...?" (Puts on sunglasses and stares dramatically into the middle distance) "Or chai tea?"

Liz said...

Replace "stares dramatically" with "squints nearsightedly" and you're right on.

Vixen said...


vixen said...

Please more posts of that sort....they had me laughing and rolling on the floor.