Thursday, November 30, 2006

Medium: Hey! It's That Guy!

Last night's Medium featured a return appearance by a total Hey! It's That Guy!, in an above-average episode with a couple good twists.

His name is Mark Sheppard, and I recognized him from a first-season X-Files episode, apparently one of his first TV jobs ("Fire," in which he played Cecil L'Ively, for the curious). His resume contains an impressive number of guest-starring TV drama roles (including the requisite demon role on Charmed), and it's no wonder--he was totally creepy last night as Dr. Charles Walker (18th-century doctor/girl-cutter-upper), and totally relatable as Jack Walker (21st-century regular guy who hears the voice of his 18th-century serial killer relative). Well played, Mark Sheppard.

I liked that the episode showed that Allison isn't totally infallible, although I think the show could probably stand a little less of the "if only the police had listened to Allison, that girl would still be alive" stuff. It's sort of like on The X-Files (since it's in my head already), when Mulder was pretty much always right, and there was something supernatural afoot. It's not as interesting if the protagonist is ALWAYS right, guys.


Anonymous said...

I can't get into this show (the female Arquettes bug me) but if you get BBC America, they are starting to show Afterlife (I think starting tonight) and it's totally bloody brilliant (as the Brits would say). Plus we finally find where THAT DUDE from Love Actually is (Andrew Lincoln who held up signs to Keira Knightley)

Liz said...

I DO get BBC America, and although I'm sure my DVR will be working overtime tonight, I'll be sure and try to record Afterlife. Also, I secretly (well, not so secret anymore) love Love Actually, so Andrew Lincoln's presence will be an added bonus!