Friday, November 10, 2006

Ugly Betty: Shut up, Walter

Walter sucks. Yes, again, and yes, some more. Betty gets an assignment reviewing a posh hotel, but the assignment conflicts with the romantic weekend Walter has planned in Atlantic City. Walter whines and decides to go by himself, and then comes back and whines some more when he sees a masseur in Betty's room. And at dinner, he hits a new low. Like a giant baby, he causes a scene in the restaurant, demanding a hamburger and all but admitting he doesn't like Betty working at Mode and oh my God, shut up and die, why don't you, Walter? I hate his whiny voice, I hate his bitchy attitude, I hate his clingy, possessive "love" for Betty, I just friggin' hate his whinging guts. Add to this the facts that he doesn't like anything she does, he doesn't support her dream, he left her for the neighborhood ho, and he pales in comparison to Cute Henry, and it's a mystery what the writers (and Betty) are doing with him. Are we honestly supposed to find him likeable? Seriously, all of that, and we're still expected to root for Betty and Walter? I'm rooting for her to break up with him, is what I'm rooting for. Go away, Walter.

Anyway. Daniel and Salma Hayek continue their "I hate you but secretly like you" dance. He reads her books and orders her Indian food, she takes him for a ride on her motorcycle (not a metaphor) and plays a little pool with him. Then she takes him for a ride on her motorcycle (metaphor). The next day when Daniel's all, "I tried to call you! Why didn't you call me?", she admits that she has a boyfriend. It appears as though the promiscuity is on the other foot. Um. Well, you know what I mean. Daniel's getting what's coming to him, and maybe he'll learn something from this. Probably not, though.

Also: Wilhelmina charms a cowboy, Marc wears multiple cowboy hats, and Justin gets a dad. Deadbeat, of course.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, not enough Marc and Justin in this ep but I'm glad Ana Ortiz is able to shine a bit more as Hilda. Yea, personally, I dont think i hate Walter as much as you do, but i found him terribly distracting (and not in a good McSteamy way) last night. I want him to remain in the show but almost as a background comic foil to remind us of what Betty left behind as she goes for her goals (like Chris Gorhams accountant geek!!!)

Lori said...

I agree with you on Hilda - she's really enjoyable. And I like this idea of Walter representing what Betty's leaving behind to go for her goals, but I wish the show was more positive about her goals. I feel like last night's episode was a lot of "Betty doesn't fit in at Mode." But I'm hoping that's just a setup for Betty discovering that she really does fit in at Mode.