Thursday, November 16, 2006

Medium: Psychics and Robots!

So I watched the two-hour premiere of Medium after having watched the show intermittently last season, and I'll probably keep watching this year. To be honest, I was a little disappointed last night given that it was a two-hour premiere during sweeps, which sets the bar very high, but it was generally a pretty good episode.

I will say, though, that Joe Dubois is way, way too unbelievable as the best husband ever. I mean, what kind of person is THAT understanding? At first I thought he was going to get crazy jealous when Allison's ghost ex-boyfriend showed up, but noooo, he was all reasonable and cool about it. I'm pretty sure he's a robot or something, which just goes to show how useless Allison's psychic powers are. Figure it out, Allison--no flesh and blood human would be that cool about everything!

Also, I'm loving Bridgette, the psychic daughter, more and more. The actress is great, and not just because she isn't a Dakota Fanning look-alike (although I do love that). And I really appreciated the writers' efforts to make her powers childlike by showing her death premonition dreams as cartoons--it was a great touch, beyond being an important plot point.

The episode also painted a fuller picture of the non-Dubois characters. D.A. Devalos is suddenly vulnerable as a diabetic who hates going to the doctor, and Detective Scanlon, after putting himself out there with his girlfriend only to have politics get in the way, falls into bed with someone else.

Oh, and I really hope that when NBC does its announced schedule-juggling, it puts Medium on after Heroes. The combo makes much more sense than Heroes/Studio 60, and Studio 60 isn't exactly flourishing in the timeslot. I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

I love Medium, but I missed the season premiere I can't believe it. I think that's part of what I love about it, the husband. He is a complete fantasy husband. With his understanding. Even if I just woke my husband that way every night like she does he wouldn't be a happy man at all.

Liz said...

The family dynamic definitely does set this show apart, but "fantasy husband" is a great way to describe Joe! I'm sure they'll rerun the season premiere at some point, or at least catch you up on what happened with the characters next week.