Thursday, November 16, 2006

Day Break: Go Back, Taye, Do It Again

He's Taye Diggs, and today is the longest day of his life.

He's framed for murder. His girlfriend dies. His partner dies. His sister is being abused by her husband. And his day is lasting for… well, days. You've probably seen reviews comparing this show to Groundhog Day, but what the show most closely resembles is this episode of The X-Files, because 1) he has to figure out how to play the day exactly right so that the minimum amount of people die unnecessarily, and 2) Mitch Pileggi is in it. Pileggi actually does a great job; his casual menace is extremely entertaining. The other cast standout is Victoria Pratt, who looks and acts like nothing so much as a badass Kate Winslet.

The show is a big puzzle, and it's fun to see all the pieces come together. Of course, I may be getting more enjoyment out of it because I have faith that the writers actually have some sort of plan. They've got to wrap it up before Lost comes back, so they have to be going somewhere; they can't afford to just throw polar bears in there to mess with the fans. So I recommend giving it a watch (if you missed it, you can see the episode here), and on behalf of Liz, keep your televisions on for The Nine.


Liz said...

Invoking casual menace is what Mitch Pileggi does best! And yeah, I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that Daybreak is "Monday," but a whole series.

And hell yeah, watch The Nine everyone!